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Pay Per Click – PPC Training – 1–Day Fundamentals Workshop

Pay per click (PPC) is a great way to drive immediate traffic to your Website, but a lot of money can be won or lost depending on how you set up your PPC campaign, and the performance of your ads, landing page or Website. In the 1–Day Fundamentals of PPC Workshop, you’ll learn, through PPC training, how to identify the right keywords to go after, how to build a highly efficient and effective campaign in Google Adwords, how to develop ads that generate high click–through rates, and how to build a Website or landing page to maximize online sales or leads.

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Conducting Market and Competitor Research

When running a PPC campaign, you are competing against other PPC campaigns, including ads, landing pages, and offers. Through Google Adwords training, you’ll learn how to analyze your competitor’s campaigns to ensure that your ads, landing pages, and offers have a competitive edge to maximize your marketing return on investment.

Establishing Goals

While a PPC campaign can deliver visitors to your Website, it’s critical to have a clear understanding of what the goals are of your campaign. Do you want to generate leads or online sales? What is your target cost per lead or sale? Through PPC management training, you’ll learn how to establish goals for your campaign and determine the feasibility of achieving your goals.

Keyword Research and Grouping

Before you start building your PPC campaign, you want to first determine the keywords that you want to go after and group your keywords into tightly matched ad groups. Through Google PPC training, you’ll learn how to perform keyword research and cover both short and long–tail keyword phrases, then group these keywords into ad groups for the best results possible.

Campaign and Ad Groups Set Up

Once you have an understanding of your goals, keywords, and ad groups, it’s a matter of building your campaign and ad groups in Google Adwords. You’ll learn how to set up both step–by–step from the selection of location targeting to the set up of conversion tracking. You’ll also learn how to schedule and rotate your ads for A/B split testing and continued improvement in results.

Ads and Landing Pages

Each ad group includes three components: keywords, ads, and landing pages. In addition to setting up your campaigns and ad groups, you’ll learn how to develop compelling ads and properly structured landing pages that will maximize your quality score and conversion to leads or sales.


Many potential prospects see your ads or are referred to your business, prompting them to visit your Website. Many of these prospects will visit your site without opting in as a lead, purchasing online from your site, or calling you. This does not necessarily mean that they don’t want to buy from you. They simply may not be ready to make a purchase decision. Google understand this, and they offer a remarketing campaign to target prospects that have left your site on other sites with your ads. You’ll learn how to create a remarketing campaign from the development of a remarketing list in Google Adwords, to the use of tracking code on key pages of your Website, to the structuring of a remarketing campaign.

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"I would recommend this course to any one."

“I thought overall the course was great. I learned more than I ever expected. I would recommend this course to any one.”

Stephen Petersen, WSI | Toronto SEO Workshop Graduate

"Very well designed"

“This course was very well designed, covering a broad range of material. Overall, an excellent experience.”

Annie Ho, Embanet.com | Toronto SEO Workshop Graduate

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