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Social Media Marketing Training – 1–Day Fundamentals Workshop

Social media marketing continues to play a bigger role in Internet marketing. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, now integrate social media into search results. But, how do you develop a solid social media strategy that meets your prospects needs socially while producing real results from a business perspective, such as leads, sales presentations, and sales? The 1–Day Social Media Fundamentals Workshop covers the four key areas of developing and sustaining a sound social media strategy and campaign including:

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1. Social Networks Set Up – How to set up your key social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Project, YouTube, and LinkedIn so that you have a well aligned and solid foundation in place.

2. Process Development – How to develop a sound process to ensure that all of your social networks are well managed and maintained long-term.

3. Automation – How to automate certain steps in your social media campaign to establish an efficient social media system for business that’s easy to manage.

4. Tracking and Analytics – How to track and respond to social media to maintain an effective conversation with your market in a timely manner.

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Workshops start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m.

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Social Networks Set Up

To get the most out of social networking, it starts off with establishing a sound foundation using the proper balance of strategy, communication, and technology. You’ll learn how to set up Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Project, YouTube, and LinkedIn for optimal results.

On Facebook, you’ll learn how to set up a welcome page to maximize “Likes” and opt–ins. You’ll learn how to integrate YouTube, Twitter, and a blog. You’ll learn how to leverage the left–side bar and photo strip to drive business results. You’ll learn about vanity URLs to ensure that you are easily found to maximize fans.

On Twitter, you’ll learn about how to properly set up a Twitter page to promote your other social networks and maximize opt–ins. You’ll learn how to develop a follow–up campaign to ensure that you are maintaining an on–going conversation with prospects that follow you. You’ll learn about recycling tweets, how to use hash tags, and how to retweet.

On Google+ Project, you’ll learn how to set up a profile and how to use the various functions such as circles. You’ll learn how to connect your Google+ profile to your blog to establish author rank in Google search results.

On YouTube, you’ll learn how to set up a YouTube channel, customize the design to achieve alignment with the rest of your Internet marketing campaign, and optimize your videos to ensure that they are found.

On LinkedIn, you’ll learn how to set up a LinkedIn account, integrate your social networks such as your blog, promote events, and engage with existing groups, or create your own group.

Process Development

The majority of social networking campaigns that fail, do so because there was no clear process in place to maintain the various social networks. While the success of social media does heavily depend on having a value creating conversation with prospects, it also depends on a strong process and quality control. You’ll learn how to establish a process for your social media campaign to ensure that your campaigns run well long–term. You’ll learn about the importance of establishing a media and communication plan to make certain that you and your team are aware of what’s going to be communicated, while ensuring a high frequency of communication on your social networks. And you’ll learn about quality control for your various social networks, from your blog to Facebook, to ensure that prospects are responded to quickly.


The majority of business people do not have the time to send out their social media communication manually. It simply takes too much time. With that said, it’s important to keep in mind that certain things should not be automated. For example, while there is plug–ins to automate the communication of your blog posts on your various social networks or the communication that is sent to a Twitter follower once they have followed you, this automation is not advised. You’ll learn about the different automation systems, such as Hootsuite, and how to use them effectively for business so that you can run an efficient social media program.

Tracking and Analytics

With so many conversations taking place on forums, blogs, and social networks, it’s difficult to manually manage and respond to the buzz that is taking place regarding your brand, products, and employees. You’ll learn about key social media monitoring systems to ensure that you can monitor your market and respond effectively.

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"I would recommend this course to any one."

“I thought overall the course was great. I learned more than I ever expected. I would recommend this course to any one.”

Stephen Petersen, WSI | Toronto SEO Workshop Graduate

"Very well designed"

“This course was very well designed, covering a broad range of material. Overall, an excellent experience.”

Annie Ho, | Toronto SEO Workshop Graduate

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